Since being matched with Lilah-Kate, we have been anxiously awaiting the day that we could send a care package to her.  Our agency recommended that we wait "closer to travel" to do this, so we did.  We used a service from Ann Yang at  to deliver a letter to the orphanage director, a stuffed panda for her, a cake to share with her friends, and a soft photo album of her new family for her to read!  They even left a disposable camera for the nannies to take photos for us until we get there to develop them.  We were sent the party pics below to enjoy!  Wow, have we been blessed to have so many photos of her!  Look at her little friends, we want to bring them home too!


Melanie said...

OH Laurel! With tears in my eyes, I scrolled through these pics of your sweet Lilah-Kate, and prayed that this time of waiting would be blessed for her and your family. Love you friend!

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