We woke up in Beijing and it felt good to finally be here. After breakfast, we went out and explored on our own. We ended up at an art show after a couple of university students that spoke English met us on the street. It was a good adventure! Also, we visited a park across the street from our hotel, the air smelled of lavender and cherry blossoms, it was delightful. Later, we met our guide and we toured Tienanmen Square and the Forbidden City. The Forbidden City was the imperial palace of several emperors and was very impressive in person. Later in the evening we went to the local shopping district. It was shocking to walk around with so many people in this city!  We made our way to an area of street vendors selling food and treats, it was full of interesting sights and smells!  We were tempted to try scorpion on a stick, but decided to pass this time.  In the evening Jake and Sean went for a walk and met two Shanghai University student who wanted to practice their English and invited them to a tea room. They shared interesting stories about each other's culture and learned about a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony.  At one point, both students commented that Jake looked handsome like Justin Bieber and then they started singing “Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh...”! 

Great Day....



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