We woke up in Guangzhou and it is warm and tropical here. We started our day with Lilah-Kate's medical exam. It was pretty simple, so we were in and out quickly. The medical clinic is on Shaimen Island, which is a beautiful area along the river, that is mostly pedestrian. This is also where the american consulate is, so all american families spend quit a lot of time on the island. The shops and restaurants cater to english speaking people quit well. We spent some time exploring that area and had dinner at Lucy's, a famous cafe in the chinese adoption community. Laurel had iced sweet tea for the first time in over a week and Lilah-Kate enjoyed it too! An important step in the chinese adoption process is purchasing squeaky shoes, so we did (6 pair!). She was HAPPY to sit and try on shoes with her mama and when we got back to the hotel, she insisted on wearing them even over her feety pajamas! What fun!

We fall more in love with this girl every day. We feel so blessed that God chose us to be her family.

New things for Lilah-Kate:

she has a heart for new shoes like her momma (take a peek at the pictures)
crowds cause her to shut down a little, she is much more herself in our hotel room
she has some physical and speech delays but they seem very much orphanage related
we are certain that she will catch up quickly with our love and attention
she loves a squeaky shoe!

To Will and Sam:
We are missing you so much! Lilah-Kate enjoyed Skypeing with you this morning. We are so glad that you are having fun with Pop and Nana, we think about you every day! Can't wait to be home and let you meet your sister.
Mom and Dad


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