Please officially welcome Lilah-Kate Jing to the McCullar family! Today we finalized her adoption with the United States. She will receive citizenship at the first port of entry which will be Chicago! We were not allowed to take photos in the consulate,which is a shame because Lilah-Kate threw her first ever-lovin' fit during the oath explanation. Her style is “wet noodle” and it is like trying to pick up a noodle with chopsticks, everything goes limp and if you don't catch her, she will crash on the floor!

We met a Chinese family on Shaimen Island tonight and had a great conversation with them, even with us knowing very little chinese and them knowing very little english. It was a young couple with their one year old daughter and the two grandmothers. They were very excited for Lilah-Kate's adoption and very happy to see her doing well. We have been able to make several connections with people here and have really enjoyed these moments!

We visited the White Swan Hotel, which is the place many adoptive families from the U.S. stay. It is customary in the adoptive community to take photos on the red couches that are in the lobby, so we made a special visit to get ours there too. We put her in a traditional chinese silk dress and her favorite sparkly red shoes. How cute is she!

We ended the night with apple pie and ice cream at Lucy's!

Lilah-Kate really loves reading books and spent about an hour tonight looking through Jake's spanish workbook, a Ni Hao Kai-Lan coloring book and her Mandarin/English picture book! She has done a lot of coloring and really likes to take things out of her backpack, hand them to you and then put them back in. She will do this over and over! She really gets vocal at night when we play roll around on the bed games and she giggles a lot!


Robin said...

Yay! I know you will be so glad to be home, ready to enjoy your newly expanded family. Thanks for keeping us all updated, I have really enjoyed reading (and crying) every post!

Blessings to you all!


denise said...

Lovin' that red dress!!!

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