It was the first day we didn't have any appointments or paperwork to do, so we had an easy morning around the hotel.  In the afternoon we went to the Lingyin buddhist temple.  It had many impressive sights and the grounds were beautiful (and they had kettle corn!).  We also walked around a portion of Westlake, which was gorgeous with willow trees hanging over the water and little pedestrian bridges.  We thought we would get a lot of great photo opportunities here, but Lilah-Kate only took a short nap and wasn't really up for a photo shoot!  We finished our touring at the largest tea plantation in the province, famous for Dragon Well Green tea, which is the national gift of China for government officials.  The plantation was very peaceful and one of the few times we have not been surrounded by people!  After dinner, Lilah-Kate got her second wind and we caught her laughter on video to share with you.

Some things we have learned about our girl:
she loves to eat and rarely refuses anything (except ice cream and potatoes)
she is a great sleeper and has slept through the night since we got her
although she is two and a half, she is still very much a baby which is fine with us, it gives us an opportunity to meet her needs in a way that she never experienced in the orphanage and it is giving her a chance to be nurtured and bond with us
mamma is her go to for safety and sleepy times and daddy is definitely the go to for giggles and play time
by the end of today, she was happy to be with all of us
we see her blossoming more and more each day...


sommerzone said...

This is so much fun to see her blossoming into YOUR daughter! What an amazing journey. I love her spunk and jingle! Her laughter is filled with JOY!

Melanie said...

Oh that giggle:) I can just hear it echoing off your walls at home as her big brothers try to outdo each other entertaining her! What a joy!

Joel and Samantha said...

Were so proud of you all, your daughter is beautiful!!!! Please be safe, we can't wait to meet her!

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