We started our day with prayer and thanksgiving for the hope we have in Jesus and for the great things God has done for us!

Since it was Sunday, we didn't have any appointments to fulfill. We got to go to the Guangzhou animal safari for a ½ day and it was great. It was a combination of a walk through zoo and a driving safari. The park had a large number of white tigers and panda bears, which is unusual for us to see in a U.S. zoo. Afterwards, our guide took us to a cantonese style lunch, where I tried a local favorite... cow intestine! I found it too chewy and pretty bland and later found out that locals swallow it whole and don't chew it at all; oh well...

Lilah-Kate had a great day. She has really warmed up to Jake and they have figured out a few games together that really crack her up! Also, she fully relaxed and laid her head on both mine and Laurel's shoulders throughout the day. That really felt good and seems like great progress in bonding with us. As we said yesterday, she really blossoms in the hotel and feels more comfortable to move around by herself, and we also are hearing more baby talk from her, as she plays. She had a great time playing with the stacking cups today and made it last for a long time! Again, the squeaky shoes were an additional fun effect!

It is hard to imaging a better transition for all of us, which is an answer to many prayers. Thank you to everyone who has supported us in this way throughout our journey. We cherish you very much!


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