Today we were free to explore until the afternoon, when we would pick up Lilah-Kate's passport / visa and leave for Hong Kong.  We got off of the beaten path (whole new meaning with 14 million people a day on the path...) and explored a residential part of our neighborhood.  The walkways were very narrow and were obviously off limits to motorized anything.  We came across some grandmothers shooing a cat from their house and saw other interesting sights.  After having some lunch, it was back to the hotel for a rest, but Lilah-Kate was feeling playful, so we just let her because we were going to be in a van for a while in the afternoon.  She had a lollipop and made me some lolli-soup!

We arrived in Hong Kong to stay with Brent and Deborah Seay and had a wonderful Mexican meal (extremely rare in China and a great treat!).  Deborah gave Lilah-Kate a little baby doll which she fell in love with immediately.  She was all smiles for the entire evening, which is the longest time than we have seen her in such a cheerful mood.  I think she was glad to be in a family environment and see the Seay children and not be in a hotel room.  We were all thankful for this oasis before heading for home!  Thank you Seay family for having us, it was delightful!


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