Today was a full day! We started by visiting the Great Wall of China. It was amazing to see it in person! The first steps hinted at how difficult the climb would be. Jake made the climb to the pagoda watchtower (nearly to the top of the mountain) and got some of our best photos. The guide suggested we were running out of time for our stop, or Jake would have kept going. Sean made it more than halfway, until he stopped for a break and started talking to a group touring from the UK. Laurel made it a quarter of the way up, being surpassed by women carrying babies, grandmothers, women wearing high heels and grandmothers wearing high heels, carrying babies with a cane. But she definitely had fun!

Later in the afternoon, we visited the emperor’s summer palace. It was hard to appreciate the beauty of the place because the crowds were like the opening of Disney World times ten. There were many beautiful spots throughout the property and we enjoyed it a lot.

We ended our time in Beijing (aka Peking in Cantonese) with authentic Peking duck for dinner! We went to a beautiful up-scale restaurant called Da Dong. What a great meal and dining experience.

When we arrived back at the hotel, our travel guide had a stroller waiting for us to take on our departure to Hangzhou. It was another reminder of how close we are to receiving Lilah-Kate. She only has two more nights to spend in an orphanage...


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