Lilah-Kate got an A+ on her first test today! We returned to the medical clinic and with a glance, the nurse confirmed that she cleared her TB test and we were done. The next thing we did was tour a museum that was once a wealthy families residence. We saw many artifacts and works of art and did some shopping. We rested in the afternoon, poolside. Our pool is on the 14th floor and it is beautifully landscaped and has a full view of the city. Lilah-Kate wore her swimsuit, cover-up and swim shoes to the pool and the water was ice cold, so she never put a toe in. She looked really cute napping on a lounge chair! We ran into several adoptive families today with their new children and made friends. After meeting one of these families, I almost always cry a little as they are walking away. Watching orphans become sons and brothers, daughters and sisters is an amazing thing to see, something I will never forget. When I think how easily we could have missed this treasure of our daughter, I am overcome. If anyone following our blog is considering adding to your family in this way, know that you will be blessed as much or more than your child ever will be. I can say this after knowing mine for one week!

Tonight we went back over to the island and had a nice French dinner at the Orient Express and then shopped until we dropped (literally). We had to get a cab to drive us back to the hotel! Two more nights in Guangzhou!

I belong to Jake, Will and Sam!


denise said...

Adorable!!! She is showing more expression and I LOVE it!!! I think it's time you brought her home!

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