This is what we look like waiting for you, baby girl.  We will see you soon.


sommerzone said...

Hello! I want to comment! No! I don't need the handicap function blooger. Stop turning it on 4 me.

sommerzone said...

OOOOOHHHHH~!!! Ofcourse I just keep tabbing along and figure out how to comment so that it makes this hysterical statement about my non-handicappedness. OK! I love you guys so much! Keep us all posted on EVERYTHING! KISSES, HUGS, & FAKE SNEEZES from Bixby!

Tammy said...

Don't forget your secret weapon - the fake sneeze!
I have one great trick guaranteed to get a laugh from toddlers and preschoolers and that's to respond to everything with "You know why?" "Chicken Thigh" "You know what? Chicken Butt" "You know When? Chicken Chin" "You know where? Chicken Hair" and once that runs out, I do the same thing with turkey for all the answers. This is fool proof in English but I'm afraid something may be lost in translation... Sorry I can't be more help!

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