It was a little cold and drizzly today, but we just bundled up the baby and went out anyway. We started with a stroll through Westlake park. There is an area called the English corner where Chinese come hoping to meet with English speaking people to practice. We took a picture of Jake by the statue that marks English corner. On our walk, we found a Starbucks and kettle corn, it was a great taste from home! Since it was chilly, I put Lilah-Kate in the Boba carrier, which kept her warm. She really seemed to like it. We went to a small children's amusement park and rode a few rides with her, it was a blast! She didn't seem phased by any of it, but we are sure it was the first time she has ridden anything like it.

As we headed out of Lilah-Kate's province, we had to stop by the police station to pick up her passport. In the time that we have known her, she hasn't been as happy to get her hands on anything more than that passport. We don't know what was going on in her little mind, but it was as if she knew the significance. We were so excited to be taking her, but a little nostalgic to be leaving her home that she has known her whole life. What a big step!

We said goodbye to our guide Wena (she was wonderful this week), as she dropped us off at the airport. It was 4pm. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 7:30pm. We actually left at midnight...2am arrived at Holiday Inn Shifu in Guangzhou, tired and done! The hotel is the best yet, our room is huge and very nice. We start the U.S. portion of the adoption tomorrow.

Some more things about our girl:
she is becoming brave and walking around the hotel room by herself
she loves to feed us baby puffs and crackers
she is starting to think Jake is pretty funny and fun
she will go to each one of us easily most of time now
she doesn't talk, but she can let us know what she wants
she likes to honk noses and eskimo kiss
she kicks her feet when she is happy
she has a great laugh


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